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3 of a Kind Party Game Pre-Order

3 of a Kind Party Game Pre-Order

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3 of a Kind is the ultimate party game that guarantees a night of laughter and fun for 2-8 players! Get ready to test your wit and creativity as you and your friends try to match answers to quirky questions.

In each round, players select a category and must come up with answers based on 3 different adjectives. From the scariest cheese to the happiest item in a junk drawer, every question is designed to get you thinking outside the box.

With its easy-to-learn rules, 3 of a Kind is the perfect game to dive straight into the action. Its endless replay value and various game variants ensure that no two games are ever the same, making it a must-have for any party or game night. Gather your friends, unleash your creativity, and see if you can find the perfect match in 3 of a Kind!

This game will ship in September 2024. 

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